Skills You Need To Get That Internship

Some majors have it easy. Explaining why your engineering degree qualifies you to be an engineer isn’t rocket science. But what happens when the job title listed doesn’t perfectly match the name of your degree? We don’t exactly offer degrees in beer brewing, children’s television show creation orWNBA team ownership. This is the time to showcase your professional skills and what you’ve learned in your liberal arts and sciences classes. Get ready for the Internship Fair with this guide to what employers are looking for and how to show off your liberal arts and sciences degree.

CLAS Top Skills

While some skills come naturally, others need some experience to cultivate. Looking for ways to gain new skills or elaborate on skills you have already acquired? Take advantage of in-class opportunities to expand your professional skills. These opportunities can include group projects, technical knowledge, writing assignments, personal projects, and of course, internships! Tasks within any internship help define which skills are most relevant to an industry and therefore identify which to highlight in an interview.

The University Career Center will be hosting the 2015 Internship Fair on Wednesday, November 18th from 3:00-6:00pm. RSVP on our Facebook event page for updates and advice.

For more resources and advice on CLAS-specific skills and opportunities, make an appointment with a career coach at


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