KU Career Advancement Program

How are you preparing for your future? Does your career path match your interests? After graduation, most people work at least 40 years in their chosen career. That’s a long time – likely double the life you’ve already lived. Starting out with the right career for you, and on the right foot, will lead to a much more fulfilling life. The University Career Center is here to help you explore your interests and feel more prepared to enter the workforce.

The Career Advancement Program, CAP for short, has recently been developed, based on the seven dimensions of the employability curriculum. We all want to be employable, right? CAP was designed to help KU students better market and prepare themselves for a career, while they are still in school.

Studies show that employers believe that college is no longer fully preparing students for the workforce in terms of people skills, emotional intelligence and other soft skills.  Reportedly, gaps exist in multiple areas of business, the largest of which is prioritizing work. Career services and development should be embedded “into the fabric of undergraduate education” (Inside Higher Ed). CAP is a solution to this dilemma, exclusively for Jayhawks.

As the workplace evolves, it is important for students to adapt. It is becoming increasingly important to possess inherently human skills, as technology is quickly making some jobs obsolete. The employability curriculum and CAP work to develop and perfect these uniquely human skills.


CAP is KU’s initiative to bring career development to the forefront and provide a more convenient route for students who are seeking guidance. Follow on the blog to learn more about each of the seven pillars of the program and tweet @kucareer with #CareerAdvancementKU to learn more.

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