Keeping up with Kendall: Week 1


Starting a new job is always nerve-wracking. Meeting new people, learning how to do task after brand-new task, and the weight of your anxiety to make a good first impression is taxing even for the best of us. On top of this, we must also deal with the thrill that often accompanies the start of something new and unknown. It was with this mixture of apprehension and excitement that I began my first day working at the University Career Center.

Most of us have faced similar circumstances before, even if only at a part-time job or summer internship during our high school years. Then there are some of us who are being faced with the possibility of finding a job for the first time in college. Others of us are about to begin our post-college careers. Regardless of where you’re at in your professional life, hopefully this post will help let you know that it’s perfectly natural to feel these things, as well as teach you some of the basic must-know facts about the University Career Center and how it can help you in your professional journey.

Overall, I really enjoyed my first week as an intern for the UCC. There’s always something to be working on, and great people to work with. Not to mention, the fact that the primary function of the UCC is to help students figure out career-related issues is a major benefit, as I’ve spent a lot of my admittedly-short adult life wondering what I want to do for the rest of my life and what I’m supposed to do about it once I finally have that part figured out. We all juggle with these types of questions and doubts at some point, and we need all the help we can get to find a solution.

My first week at the UCC did, happily enough, lead me to learn a lot about the services the UCC provides, which is beneficial not only to my performance as an intern but also as a student searching for what I want out of my future career. For example, while working at the UCC table in the Union Lobby on Valentines Day, we got to inform students about Hawk Quest, a brief online quiz made just for KU students that helps you explore different majors or career paths you might be interested in pursuing, as well as skills you might want to develop in order to excel in your field.

The Career Center hosts and participates in a wide array of campus events as well. In my first week alone I was able to witness the University Career Fair (check out our blog post on the Career Fair at and work at the Architecture Fair. Regardless of the time of year, the UCC always has something going on or coming up.

Hopefully this post has served to inform you a little bit more about the UCC, but more than anything I hope it will encourage you to take advantage of the many awesome resources that the Career Center offers. Personally, I look forward to learning more about the UCC as I move forward with my internship.


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